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Horse Riding in Dubai

Experience the Desert from the back of a horse
Availability: Sun,Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri
Duration: 03:00 Hrs
Adult USD 119

Child USD 119
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The Desert Horse Riding package is a relaxing ride through the wonderful scenery of the Mushrif Park. We start off riding through the native forest of Ghaf Trees, dropping down into the canyons finished off up and over the sand dunes. Afterwards you can wash down and put away horses.

A riding lesson where you will be taught of the basic to advance riding skills and techniques instructors are patient and helpful to giving instruction to each of the beginner rider to give them support and confidence riding the horse.

Contact Us For Horse Riding in Dubai

Contact us for horse riding in Dubai to schedule the most exciting part of your visit. Our friendly representatives are available to assist you.

  • Pick up from your preferred location in Dubai
  • 50 Minute Desert Ride
  • Helmet Rental
  • Dropoff
  • Food and Refreshments
  • Boots

Days of Operation: Daily

5:45 AM 5:45 AM 5:45 AM 5:45 AM 5:45 AM 5:45 AM 5:45 AM
2:15 PM 2:15 PM 2:15 PM 2:15 PM 2:15 PM 2:15 PM 2:15 PM


Booking Procedure and Payments:

  • Bookings will be accepted though our website booking form.
  • Payments can be made through our online payment system
  • Please be aware that our maximum weight limit may be lower than 95kgs and is subject to availability of appropriate horses.
  • You should have a minimum age of 10 years and be riding fit and strong to join our desert rides.
  • Kids under 10 years old can join the outside ride on lead rein.
  • During your experience the decisions and instructions made by your guide will be final on all matters likely to affect the Health, Safety and wellbeing of the experience.
  • Effective from 01st January 2018, 5% VAT will be levied on all bookings as per new UAE law

Cancellation Policy:

  • Minimum 24 hours notice of cancellation is required.
  • Insta Tours and Travel has the right to cancel a reservation due to other no shows, illness of guide or horse, weather conditions or any other unforeseen circumstances
  • All the refunds of any transaction’s amount against any purchase through this website would be refunded to the original mode of payment. 
  • Refunds will be at our sole discretion

Insurance Coverage:

  • All our vehicles are fully insured to include passengers in the unlikely event of an accident

Dress Code:

  • Comfortable activity appropriate clothing is recommended


  • Preferably riding shoes / sport shoes
  • Tranfers Included (Pickup from Dubai City Only)

This is a must experience for horse riding enthusiasts. I had a peaceful time and experience where they took us to a land consisting of equestrian trails and amazing scenery.

Shanaya Mohammad Shaikh

I was hoping to experience something soft and peaceful experience in Dubai. And someone suggested me to try horse riding via Insta Tours and Travel. This tour included not just a peaceful experience but also a good service experience from Insta Tours and Travel.


I had never heard  of a horse ride in Dubai. However, after getting a package with Insta Tours and Travel and experiencing the horse ride, I was really impressed. The horses were fit, well-behaved and got a chance to capture some amazing pictures.


This was by far one of the most peaceful experience during my time in Dubai. I had no prior experience for a horse ride, however everything turned out to be fun and simple. Thank You Insta Tours and Travel  for offering such a wonderful experience.


My husband and I wanted to experience Dubai in a peaceful manner. And what an experience we both had with a short horse ride. We got to see some of the best views of the city and the entire experience was quite good.


If you wish to experience something soothing and fun, then you must try a horse ride in Dubai. Insta Tours and Travel were offering this package where my wife and I had a wonderful time together.


Insta Tours and Travel has been kind enough to offer such an awesome package for me and my family. I took them to experience the horse ride in Dubai and we were very impressed with the entire experience.


I would definitely recommend this place. The horses are eager and well behaved. There is a great choice of horses to match riders with different levels of ability. Staff is very experienced and friendly.


I had amazing time. People there are very polite and helpful. It’s was my first time to ride a horse.
 I would recommend to everyone who likes sunsets and activities to visit them.


I was very satisfied. The price is totally reasonable and the quality of horses, leaders and equipment is very good. I can totally recommend it!


I had so much fun! The horses are very well behaved and the staff are very friendly and helpful! They are really good at matchning the riders at different levels with the horses. The ride was amazing! I want to go back agian!


Amazing! Beautifully cared for horses, fit, healthy and safe. Caters for all ability levels. Staff with excellent English and Arabic which makes communication easy. Totally recommend.


Amazing evening sunset horse riding experience. Staff were all lovely ,friendly and helpful.had a lot of fun.we all loved it. Thank you


My partner and I had a fantastic expierence on the desert our tour guide only took myself and my partner out into the desert which was felt very personal. This was a fantastic touch  my partner had never riden before. We would highly recommend this experience to other visiting.


The setting is beautiful with the sunset and I’m keen to try the full moon walk ? Would definitely recommend!


A wonderful experience for visitors and residents - I have been looking for a place to ride regularly and I think I have found it! The horses are so beautiful and well behaved and the staff are very capable and help to support all levels!


I did the sunset ride and it was really well organized, I got to pick my horse and we had so much fun! Amazing experience and the price was very reasonable. Not to far from the center.


We had sunset desert ride here, however it was very strong wind and we had pretty unique experience riding in the sand flying around. I wish I could trot longer. Although it was hot weather, we enjoyed the ride and also got to enjoy playing with their cute horses and other creatures at the stable.


Amazing! Riding at sunset, on the wonderful Golden, he was beautifully responsive and perfectly behaved. Felt completely safe and the whole experience was very well organised. I'll definitely be coming back and highly recommend!


Me and my friend has such a amazing experience. We went to ride across the desert in sunset. Thank you so much Insta Tours and Travel for beautiful memory.


I had a great experience riding a horse for the first time in my entire life.. It was fantastic.. I was afraid at the beginning, but the instructor made the ride easy and unforgettable.. all people in the stable are so friendly, Thank you so much ???


I was on a sunrise ride  and it was simply amazing. Great horses for every experience level. I will definitely come again!


Such an amazing experience! I was a little nervous as had never rode a horse before but after ten minutes I was completely at ease. Everybody was so friendly and the views were breathtaking.


Best place to ride horses, 50 Minute Desert Ride and horses are well trained to canter and trot in the right time they are very safe to ride,


Very good place to have a rest. And people who are working there so friendly and helpful. Horses are really good there. I was really appreciate the staffs when they sent all pictures. I know how hard it is to take pictures and videos when you are riding horses so fast. Thank you so much for all of you.


My husband went with a slower group and was very happy, i had some wonderful canters with the more advanced group. All the horses were happy, keen and well cared for.


Had a good time, and the experience is great to have, people are professional and create a good atmosphere, will defenetlly go back.


I have very good experience. Amazing experience with horse desert riding. 


I went for a sunset ride with my husband who is not a great rider but we had the time of our lives. I had a great frisky horse and he had the perfect fit for his level too. Plenty of canter yet safety first. We'll go back.


Absolutely amazing! Best part of visiting Dubai.   Will definitely return and I come back to the UAE.


I loved the ride and the people. Great for those who want to canter at will without people asking them to slow down. Very hospitable place too.


Away from the hustle and bustle of the bright lights of the city, this shows another side of Dubai. An hour and a half ride, totally suited to riding ability whether experienced rider or beginner, you get to see the beauty of the desert from horseback. The horses are well behaved and the trainer is so good he got a first time rider so confident she was trotting and cantering without being scared and loved the experience. Highly recommended.


Had a great afternoon. Staff and horses are great. Seasoned riders to novices. You can ride as slow or as fast as you like. Loved it


It was amazing experience - riding in desert. Price is reasonable .
Strongly recommend this place to all who love horses and looking for an adventure.


The Friendly, thoughtful and personable staff make sure you feel welcomed. The horses are beautiful. We have a memorable experience.


For anyone who appreciates a good trail ride and has a love for the desert...this is a must do! The horses are beautiful! The attendants are amazing....given your level of experience...they'll make necessary adjustments and ensure you have an experience that will stick with you in a way that you just know you will come back!


Amazing ride .. and very kind staff i will come back again soon thank you so much Insta Tours and Travel for the assistance.


Absolutely amazing experience! Friendly, fun and helpful staff, beautiful horses and an amazing setting! I would highly recommend this to anyone going out to Dubai and I will definitely be coming back! Thank you so much, riding off into the sunset was a perfect finale to my Arabian adventure!


The place is Surrounded of camel breeding farms, In our ride we have seem the birth of a baby camel, was an amazing experience...
The guide is very helpful and nice, is fully recommended.


The stables are in the middle of the little forest, close to the dessert . The horses are very good for all levels of riders, the ride starts on time with a good set up and they provide of helmets.


I think riding a camel is more exciting. We have always learnt in schools about camels in deserts. This package should have some changes. 


Amazing experience!! The horses are amazing and well cared, the monitor is very qualified. Very enjoyable and highly recommended.


The sunrise desert ride was worth getting up early for. Once we left the yard the sun was coming up, and we rode directly towards this magnificent sight. The horses are responsive and in good condition, the guide is competent and knowledgeable, which made for a great experience, all in the stunning desert landscape. Definitely a worthwhile outing.


Extremely relaxing and soulful and very well behaved horses.
The whole experience and team there are so welcoming and make you feel at home. Seriously a definite visit. I'll be back!


Great place to learn horse riding in a very friendly and family oriented environment. It was so much fun and learned a lot. Highly recommended.


We had a great time horse riding in Dubai. Special thanks to our tour guide from Insta Tours and Travel  who personalized this activity during our tour to match our requirements. Thank you for this beautiful experience.


We had a wonderful time horse riding in Dubai. It gave us a royal experience and took us back to the good times in the Emirates. Thank you Insta Tours and Travel  for such a wonderful experience.


I took my brother and sister for a horse ride in Dubai. We all had a wonderful time together where we got to see some of the best views of the city from a distance. Just make sure that you buy the package from Insta Tours and Travel. 


I bought a package from Insta Tours and Travel suggested by my friend in Dubai. After the experience, I must say I am glad that was a simple, fun, exciting and relaxing experience that I’ve had in a long time.


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