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Duration: 01:45 Hrs
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Child USD 99
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Burj Khalifa - 124th Floor - Non Prime

Begin your vertical ascent to the observation deck at the Burj Khalifa in a high-speed elevator, travelling at 10 meters per second, stopping at the 124th Floor of this magnificent structure. As the doors open, floor-to-ceiling glass walls provide a breath-taking unobstructed 360-degree view of the city, desert and ocean. By night, sparkling lights and stars compete for your attention.

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  • Entrance ticket at the selected time
  • Use of the viewing telescopes
  • WiFi throughout the attraction
  • Transportation

Days of Operation: Daily

  • Duration: 01:45 Hrs (Approx)

    Option 1 : Burj Khalifa - Observation Deck to visit the 148th floor Peak Time Hours : USD 86 per person

    Option 2 : Burj Khalifa Sky - Observation Deck to visit the 148th floor Peak Time Hours : USD 139 per person


  • Booking Confirmation can be redeemed for a Date and Time ticket from the Will Call counter located at the reception of At the Top, Burj Khalifa.
  • The Booking Confirmation is valid only for the specific date and time shown thereon and shall automatically expire upon the lapse of this specific date and time. Booking Confirmation(s) and / or Ticket(s) can only be used once and is not subject to refund or exchange of any kind whatsoever, whether before or after the Ticket(s) expiry. Lost, damaged and / or stolen Ticket(s) cannot be replaced, refunded or exchanged in any manner.
  • Booking Confirmation / Ticket(s) holder(s) should arrive 15 minutes prior to the entry time shown on the Ticket(s).
  • Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult at all times during the visit to: At the Top. No food or beverages are allowed At the Top.
  • Insta Tours and Travel reserves the right to amend, vary or otherwise change the entry timings of At the Top. In such an event, Insta Tours and Travel shall alter the Booking Confirmation / Ticket(s) for other timings.
  • Ticket(s) prices may be varied at any time and no decrease in price shall entitle the Booking Confirmation / Ticket(s) holder to any refund.
  • Emaar is not responsible for inclement weather conditions affecting visibility.
  • Effective from 01st January 2018, 5% VAT will be levied on all bookings as per new UAE law.

Dress Code:

  • Comfortable Casual Clothing is advised for this excursion
  • Additional Charges Applicable As Per The Pick Up Location.

This tour has been memorable and smooth with all the arrangement serviced from Insta Tours and Travel. I recommend services from Insta Tours and Travel. 


I had an advance booking to visit At the Top. Still, this place attracts so many visitors I had to be patient till my turn. I had missed the view of Dancing Fountain Show from the top because of the queue. I was curious for that. 


Nice services from Insta. I was travelling with my family and my booking arrangements went hassle-free because of good experts at Insta. Thank you. 

Braig Fredman

I visited Burj Khalifa during Ramadan. They (Insta expert) advised me to opt for a morning visit as queue are shorter. It made my visit worth. I recommend Insta Tours and Travel.

Venessa Macguire

What an experience it was!! Thankyou for transfer help as our driver almost missed to pick us, but you guys made sure that I got picked up as promised


One of the  best places you have to visit when you are in Dubai. I'm glad I did as a tourist and I'd an experience I won't forget quickly.

Prince Prasad

Such a beautiful structure and the music being played at the Foundation are really cool. The music are really calming. This place is just beautiful in and out! I was there with hundreds of other tourists from all around the world.


No words to say about Burj Khalifa
Must visit at least one time in a life.
It is a tall,huge and shiny express the pride of it would be.


One of the best and tallest building of the world. Its located beside Dubai Mall. Fountain show at evening is a breath taking scene and place becomes the crowdiest.  Music played during fountain show is very melodious.


Burj Khalifa A very beautiful building, I was here with my husband, I advise you to go up to the highest floor! This building is dancing and singing, which can be more beautiful!


Wonderful experience from the world’s highest observation deck. The views were truly breathtaking especially during Golden Hours, schedule the evening-night time visit to be able to catch the sunset from the top and nightlife views. The night views were pretty vivid and spectacular. The experience at the Lounge and At The Top Sky was even delightful.


Place is amazing! Credit to DUBAI for creating the right ambiance around Burj Khalifa! You can simply sit and watch it for hours! It was fun, the ride up was extremely quick and the staff were polite. I wish there were more interactive things to do at the top


Beautiful.. very well organized. Stunning view from the 124th floor. The elevator is super fast and smooth so it doesn't even feel as if its moving. The history about how the Burj Khalifa was built was interesting.

kit ling

The Burj Khalifa is a skyscraper in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and the tallest building in the world. It is located beside the Dubai Mall, second largest mall in the world [by total area]. The entrance to the Burj Khalifa is located in the Dubai Mall.
In the Burj Khalifa, I took the fastest elevator in the world to the 125th floor and walked a floor down to the 124th floor for a better view. Thanks to Insta Tours and Travel. 


Incredible views and incredible service. I think the best thing about this place is the staff and how accommodating they are.
Food was excellent and the view is just unbelievable, you just don't understand the scale of the burj Khalifa until you get up close and then go to the top and see for yourself


Very nice view. Went to the top floor and it was beautiful :) the whole city right in front of you.
The elevator is funny though, the way it makes you feel.
The overall experience was really great, although, of course, it depends on the travel company as well i have booked through Insta Tours and Travel. There are wings painted on the glass so you can take nice pictures there (mostly for women, but still. Super Insta friendly.


Excellent marvelous structure accompanied by Dubai mall. My suggestion is visit it around 4/5 clock so that you can see it both day light and enjoying the fountain and light at evening. You have lots of things to enjoy in Dubai mall.


You can never forget the experience when you look down from top of Burj Khalifa.. The musical fountain was amazing and cannot be explained in words..whole mall was good.. Did a lot of shopping.. Treat for everyone's eyes.. Impressed by the architecture and size of buildings.. The night city lights are an awesome view from the too.. Never seen such a beautiful place ever.


A great place to see the city, it has an amazing view and nice ambiance. If you visit Dubai this is the first thing that you shouldn't miss.. If you are planning to visit it is better to purchase your tickets in advance rather than buying over the counter.  Recommend Insta Tours and Travel.


The experience at the Burj Khalifa is simply surreal. Starting from magnificent views of the towering structure from almost anywhere in Dubai to the detailed description of how the tower was built inside the skyscraper itself.


This is a must visit if you are going to Dubai. Make sure you go all the way to 148th floor. Had amazing time.


Definitely awesome experience went on to top floor ears poped a lot pictures are pricey but we ended up buying anyway indeed is world tallest building worth going.


The lines are long at this great building. It took one hour to get to the elevator and there were just too many people uostairs. The view was great and worth the trip.


Great views, we did sunset and it was lovely. You stay up there as long as you want. The lift is fast and it didn’t feel like a 124 floors, there is also an area that you can go outside on. Well worth a visit to the top to see Dubai.


The view is amazing -a must to see the view and amazing construction documentation before entering the elevator.


Wow...this is a sliver of beauty in a blue sky...I have seen from light to dark and it definitely commands its skyline...the architecture is beautiful to Behold and will be a beacon in sky for a long time...


Organised, quick, lift up, lift down. Fabulous views and very informative. Huge food hall, we had already eaten but worth going for a half day visit with lunch.


Stunned to see this beautiful tall tower, amazed by the engineering involved and the maintenance. Highly recommend Insta Tours and Travel to visit in Dubai..


The view from the 124 and 125th floor is simply breathtaking and kids friendly. Everyone visiting Dubai must make a stop here - it is worth every penny


Well coordinated and organised. it’s a pleasure to see a cross section of the world watching the view down with awe and excitement. Indeed it is an architectural wonder of the world . Do visit when in Dubai


Must see. Unique building. Unique sights. Probably one of the few truly remarkable places to visit here.


It was so beautiful from the top. We visited at 6.30pm at non-prime hours but still it was all worth it. Looking fountain show from the top was awesome. Our entire family loved the experience. Huge thanks to Intsa Tours and Travel team. 


Great views from the top of this tower. Make sure to go.  It is great to see the ever changing views of dubai so probably worth doing once every few years to see what's new


A must see stop if one is in Dubai. The ride up and down was amazing. The views at the top is phenomenal.


I liked the whole area around Burj Khalifa , Didnt had time to take a tour so i could go upstairs but in general the Situation is very nice.The rates which are offered inside the mall are expensive . So i recommend to book the tour from a tour agency (Insta Tours and Travel) they will give you reasonable price only, thanks to the team. 


Your can’t come to the UAE without not visit this amazing structure Burj Khalifa. The outside was as beautiful as the view from the top.


It was my birthday and i was on top of the world. Its one of the rare experience u have. Brilliant architecture and lift goes from 0 to 124th floor in just 58 secs. Loved it.


It was exciting experience to go to 124 and 125 floor and to see the whole Dubai :) We bought tickets one week before through Insta Tours and Travel and go there in the morning, what was good choice for us, because there was not so many people, so we could take a nice photos :) The lift goes about 1 minute, so it doesnt take long. We could stay there as long as we wanted, so we enjoyed the view from the tallest building in the world.


It was interesting and fun to spend time at the top viewing the much talked about Burj Khalifa. It was a great experience and fun.


2nd time I'd been here, always beautiful especially on a clear day, views were amazing, this was my 1st sunset trip up to the top floor and bonus it was a clear day.. Stunning


What a fantastic building! The architecture is impressive and the views of the city are breathtaking. Unless you get a “fast pass” you will be in line for an hour or more. It’s worthy though.


The most amazing thing I have seen yet,the view oh my God,it’s out of this world,so much clarity,being up there and feeling like you are flying,and the 5D game OMG! It feels so so real,you just have to visit.


No words for this wonderful building. Tallest and attractive. Can be seen from anywhere in Dubai. Must see


There is a lot of people there but the shows are very nice and all the sourrandings are keps very clean.


If you are in Dubai is obligatory to visit!!!! The best view of the city and know details about the construction is amazing!!! After you can go to Dubai Mall fountains!

Samuel Reinhard

Very nice . Great view .. Good prices for photos . Great for tourists .. Next time Its gonna be a stay night for sure .


AMAZING!! DUBAI is a must go city. Is a beautiful city with so much to visit. A clean and safe city.


While it is a very busy high traffic tour spot the staff work hard to keep it organized and lines moving quickly. The views and photo opportunities are amazing. Make sure to hit level 124 too.


You must see it. Its really incredible to see something like this. This skyscraper is really incredible. Construction of this building is another level.


A view from the top doesn't really feel thrilling than the view from the ground. Towering and soaring. The building is quiet a site that pleases your sight anytime you see it. Majestic engineering.


You can't believe what you are seeing and the unbelievable feat of engineering it took to build it. Worth the cost of visiting the observation deck, don't miss it.


Excitement on its high peak to be in the place of the world-renowned tallest building. Visited with family, had a fun time roaming around the Dubai mall which is connected to it. Thnku so much Insta Tours and Travel for this great tour. 


Excellent service enjoyed visit to Dubai i will come back next year .staff was very helpful we enjoyed weathers.


Seems like a “must do” activity in Dubai and although it is worth doing to visit the highest floor. The elevator is extremely smooth - hardly feels like you are moving.


Would recommend visiting in the daytime to capture the full effect of the city. Floors 124, 125 were amazing. Recommend purchasing tickets in advance to avoid long lines as we did from Insta Tours and Travel. 


We had a great experience going to the top of the Burj Khalifa. The elevator ride up to the 124th floor was quick especially with the film showing the development of the Burj.


Beautifully experience seen the tower from above changing name light and star was amazing to watch plus around you have a lot of thing to do.


Best place to see Dubai from the top! Been there with my family of two kids and they really enjoyed it. 


Nothing more to say, it is the tallest building in the World. The viewing decks on 124/125 give spectacular views and the elevators are super fast without being "scary". The tour gives a great history of the area and shopping is everywhere.


Incredible views of Dubai. Plan your visit in such a way that you are at the top a little before sunset. You can then view the city in daylight and after the lights come on. Breathtaking views of the city.


A life time view! form the sky literally. You feel sky from the 125th floor. The view and the dancing fountain are visual treat to your eyes. Tourist should never miss the opportunity to visit the place.


Between the gaps of the elevator you can hear and see what this hight means. It is a technical miracle . How can you rise that high and quick in an elevator and having the feeling being cuaght in a rollercoaster. The show on top is exceptional : views of Dubai in the past combined with the actual view. Fascinating , one of the must dos on a Dubai tour.


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