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Aquaventure Water Park & Lost Chamber Aq

Explore the mysterious ruins of Atlantis at The Lost Chambers Aquarium. Explore the underwater mazes and tunnels of this lost civilization while encountering sharks, eels, seahorses, and piranhas. There are over 20 remarkable marine life exhibits in this Dubai aquarium including a touch tank and our interactive Aquatheatre show.

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  • Passes to the Lost Chambers Aquarium
  • Food and Beverages
  • Transportation

Transportation from within Dubai can be booked along with the passes
AED 250 for a 6 seater & @ AED 500 for a 14 seater

  • Duration: 01:00 Hrs (Approx)
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  • Not valid in conjunction with any other offers.
  • Effective from 01st January 2018, 5% VAT will be levied on all bookings as per new UAE law.

Insurance Coverage:

  • All our vehicles are fully insured to include passengers in the unlikely case of an accident.
  • Park Rules apply within the park.

Dress Code:

  • Comfortable casual clothing is recommended


  • The passes for the park cannot be delivered if the transportation option is not chosen.
  • Additional Charges Applicable As Per The Pick Up Location.

Just a small suggestion. If you could include transportation in the package. It will be more convenient to book from one source only. 


One of the best memories I will cherish forever. I had just dropped a request. And Insta got it arranged in a flash of time. Truly justifies its name. Thank You Insta. 

Dorjy Blackwood

it was really great adventure thnak you insta tours and travel team for helping me, great team and vary helpfull.


Loved that magical place. Its in atlantis and we went there thrice. Its always a great experience. My kids loved the sea creatures specially the jelly fish that glowed in the dark. It's a must visit place and highly recommend from Insta Tours and Travel.


This is probably the best aquarium I have been to ever!
Set out in an Atlantis theme with great exhibitions with some incredible fish and the technology to explain them is also first rate. Many languages covered so everyone can enjoy this attraction and is for any age.


Excellent opportunity to see all the different kinds of sea life up close, well worth a visit and if you stay at the altlantis the palm this is free as it’s included in your package for staying at the hotel with unlimited entry . There is also a gift shop which is fab. 


As we stayed in Atlantis . In ground floor there was an aquarium and we thought it was the Lost Chamber Aquarium, later when we moved further to our surprise there were many chambers with lots of varities from live lobsters to shark!!!! It was totally amazing. 


I am so happy that my kids have had an opportunity to seeing the Lost Chambers aquarium in Atlantis the Palm. Apart of learning the different kinds of fish names and their habitats. My kids were also amazed on how the aquarium was built. The only thing we have noticed is there were places was too dark. Not sure if it has something to do with lighting. Thus, very informative and interesting.


Loved our trip to the Lost chamber with the Fish tales tour where we saw the Fish hospital and fed the fishes from the roof. Highly recommend this to all visitors.


It was a beautiful acquarium however small, it only took a half hour to walk through and see everything. Unless we missed something, we were expecting more.


My granddaughters have never seen anything like it before their faces were a picture .The fish are fantastic just to sit and watch.


It is simply amazing...
Price is cheaper through Insta Tours and Travel than the aquarium in Dubai Mall, moreover it is a bigger aquarium with more species.
Also they have this fish feeding tour which is strongly recommended.


The Lost Chambers is a small Aquarium great for a short break, if it wasn't for the main lagoon were you can admire different marine species it would be nothing exceptional but kids will love it.


The Lost Chambers Aquarium is a beautiful place if you want to go with your family or with your kids because here is a different world(Is like in all the oceans in the same place).

Ousmane Hano

I am writing this review for my 10 year old son who did the scuba dive experience at the Atlantis Aquarium.
In particular we would like to thank Insta Tours and Travel.  Satff there was really kind and absolutely amazing at explaining everything and it was the best experience of his life.
He loves fish and got to swim in the tank for 40 minutes as well as getting a video of the full experience.
Would highly recommend Insta Tour and Travel 10/10 all day long!


We liked the atmosphere and the design of the aquarium. Dubai has a few aquariums, we think this is really worth a visit. Have a seat and enjoy.
There are sting rays, sharks and all sorts of fishes in the big aquarium.


Wow! Once in a lifetime experience! Diving with ocean life we felt very safe, the team explained everything to us and were very patient. Thank you Insta Tours and Travel - we will never forget this experience. It is a must when travelling in Dubai!!


This place is mesmerising . There are so many different species! There were sharks, rays, star fish and a lot of animals that I don’t know the name for. I really liked the area where you could sit down and look at the aquarium. Really relaxing and comfortable. I also saw Nemo. Don’t forget this is all on a man made island. Unbelievably amazing. I would love to go back.


The Aquarium is good. There are bigger and better ones around (uShaka in Durban). But opt for the behind the scenes and fish hospital tour. Its worth the extra as you get a fascinating tour to see how new fish are integrated, sick fish treated and a jelly fish breeding programme. You get a chance to feed some of the fish too.


Amazing experience giving opportunity to see rare fish very uncommon. The Fish Tour is a must make as it gives another dimension to what is happening behind the scene.


Amazing aquarium. All sorts of maritime life. Kids and grown ups will enjoy this place. Very nice and calm place where you enjoy watching the aquarium.


Nice place for enjoying the great and various kind of sea creature... shark,,, manta ray,, and a great photogenic view for instagram feed.


It's superb amazing so many different types of species different types of fishes the cleanliness of what is awesome well maintained must visit when you go to the palms.


Beautiful place, Must visit when you are in Dubai. Every species of fishes are present there. Never seen a Aquarium like this before in my lifetime. You can also do Scuba diving here, it's separately chargeable but it is worth it.


This aquarium is truly one of a kind. The exhibits use real coral and sea plants. The main tank makes you feel as if you have been transported to the true lost city after Atlantis. The whole aquarium is built around fictional history and artifacts of Atlantis with huge sculptures and ornaments.


Amazing Aqua Trek - just tried this for the first time and wow! What an amazing experience. It really is something to try. Being under water with sting rays, sharks and exotic fish brushing past you. Thanks to Intsa Tours and Travel very helpful team. It's 20 mins you'll remember in your life. Highly recommended.


Lost chambers aquarium gives a different immersive experience compared to traditional aquariums. The aquarium has been built with the theme of a lost city with a considerably good number of species which are rare. The aquarium might seem to be smaller compared to the Dubai mall. But the location (Atlantis)and the viewing experience justifies the price point.


Mind blowing. You would get to see God's wonderful creations. All the Aquariums Very well maintained.


Wowsome experience! Peaceful. Spent a good amount of time. Loved the slow music playing in the background. After spending half a day in the water park, here can come and relax.

Ana Rita

Its good place to see different aquatic creatures. Its good for kids they will love it.. Click photos... N you can buy souvenirs. Its located in atlantis hotel by the beach.

vera lucia

Super cool aquarium!!  I wish I had time to do one of the encounters they offer but I was still really cool to see all the different marine life they had there. Definitely a must see if you are going to The Palm Atlantis for a stay or shopping for sure.


Amazing and very entertaining place .. can’t forget my experience .. very memorable and unforgettable .. everything about and at this place is just great .. spend almost my whole day having fun and keeping fit. Am defiantly coming back to this place !!!


Nice place. I loved it. It is the unique place of Dubai. It covers a huge area and you can buy merchandise of Atlantis The Palm from there too. If you are planning for any trip to Dubai then please do not forget to visit this place and Burj Khalifa too, there are so many places for visiting with family but I think this is the best place. And these are some of the most unique fishes of The Lost Chambers.


Well set out aquarium, based inside the Atlantis Hotel complex. Large selection of fish to view, with the main attraction being a huge aquarium.  Definitely worth a visit when in Dubai.


I've been three times after moving to Dubai and enjoyed it every time.   Once through to the aquarium, you're met with some of the most creative fish and sea life displays I've ever seen. The main aquarium is massive and full of different species of sharks. There are very well-illuminated jelly fish displays that look like a work of art. The whole experience is breath-taking. There are some great dining options after the visit right outside the exit.


Beautiful aquarium with thousands of fish and 100s of different species including sharks and rays. Was very cool to see an Aquaman statue in the middle of the tank as well as such a large amount of space to watch and take pictures for when it is crowded.


This place is unreal!! To know an awesome aquarium exists in a man-made island, is just mind-blowing. Fantastic experience!


Very nice place to visit... Especially for the kids... They would love to see aquatic life up close... Beautiful location as well..


A lot to see and learn about the fish. It’s a storey based aquarium. What means every room has a theme. There is a lot to discover for children but what I liked the most was the active movement of the fish because of the strong water flow. Really a good recommendation.


Amazing place with a lot different types of fishes. The big shark tank has ray fishes and other fishes which is really beautiful and relaxing to watch. Definitely a place to visit


Had an awesome time here getting photos and looking at over cool places to visit. Highly recommended!


Absolutely stunning view. A gigantic aquarium with lots of fishes and ruins of atlantis chambers theme. You  will be truly amazed.


Truly stunning.
Dont miss to see the jellyfishes and stingrays.
Well developed. Worth the money.


I have been here twice and have loved it each time. The aquarium boasts the biggest tank i have ever seen ans has close to 23000 fishes in it.   Its really blue (in color) and calming to sit and just see the fishes glide by.  Good for a family outing especially for kids.  Sit at the front cabin for a view of Atlantis hotel.

Chody Lemos

Atlantis Lost Chamber Dubai  is very adventerous, you can go underwater in a big cage to feel and see the fishes, you can also enjoy the aquarium from outside. 


One of the must visit places in Dubai. The attraction is located within Atlantis The Palm. The aquarium and zoo has hundreds of marine life species some including sharks, sting rays, manta rays, colorful fish and a lot more. Special attraction for kids and teenagers. Elders also enjoy a lot. In short not to miss this awesome place. 


A treat to eyes.
Kinda heaven for those who love to see and get an underwater kinda experience.
A must visit if you're in Dubai.


Amazing underwater experience with sharks , string rays and all. Had a beautiful experience by walking through the chambers with amazing aquatic animals.


One of the best aquarium u will ever visit, there are so many species of fishes and sea animals


It's nice. If you are in Dubai plan it. Beautiful place. Class and classic.


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