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Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo Day Ticket

Walk through the Aquarium Tunnel and experience life under the water. Marvel at the giant 10 million-litre tank which contains more than 33,000 aquatic animals and the largest collection of sand tiger sharks anywhere.

Continue your trip to the Underwater Zoo and marvel at the incredible variety of exotic species. The Underwater Zoo provides an interactive approach to educating children and visitors on the ecology and sustainability of marine life. The journey consists of three ecological zones: Rainforest, Rocky Shore, and Living Ocean. 

Meet playful & lively otters along with joyous penguins and don’t miss your chance to see one of the largest crocodiles in the world, King Croc and his Queen at the Underwater Zoo.

  • Aquarium Tunnel
  • Underwater Zoo
  • Submersible Simulator
  • Glass-bottom boat tour
  • Transfers

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, Dubai Mall (main counter, level 1). At the entrance of the venue before you line up, please show your GYG mobile voucher to security.

Not Included

The aquarium was interesting. We had to cancel and reschedule for the next day as our safari trip lasted longer than it was supposed to. That was not a problem at all, they rescheduled for the next day! We were impressed by the whole journey into the depths of the ocean! Thank you Mr. Ryan for helping us.

Colin Barlow

It was nice experience...I Would like to thank you all the staff of Insta tours and travel for arranging such a beautiful trip...All the best wishes and more success with more and more prosperous future...!

Betty Amamoo

As I was travelling to Dubai with my little one, I was looking for attractions that would appeal to her too. Dubai Aquarium seemed to be perfect and hence got these tickets booked through my agent at Insta tours and travel. The aquarium tour was amazing and my little one had a great time. While enjoyed viewing the marine life in the aquarium tank, what she liked best is getting to see the underwater animals, especially penguins and otters, the best!

Jolie Mulengele

Our visit to the Dubai Mall Aquarium was the best. Our kids, 7 and 5 year old boys, were absolutely delighted. It was surely the highlight of their entire Dubai trip. As Insta tours and travel team had already arranged our entry tickets, we did not have to wait in the queue and were able to spend that time checking out the amazing exhibits of the aquarium and underwater zoo. This is a must visit place if you are holidaying in Dubai.


I took my family to this wonderful aquarium and was satisfied with the entire experience. What shocked us the most was the ability to see this marine species swim right below our feet when we were at the glass bottom boat. I just wnated say thank to Mr. Mark who arranged my tour.

Suryadi Zainul

We liked the package it’s worthable and easy to access my niece is very happy And Insta tours and travel have good options with unlimited packages to explore Dubai.

Lady Rehab

I never imagined myself going to an aquarium like this in my life. However, Dubai Aquarium is one of the best attraction I have ever been with beautiful marine species swimming right past me. A great place for families with kids.


Dubai Aquarium in Dubai Mall truly is a rare wonder of the world. One of the most visited malls on the planet. Just mesmerizing & entertaining throughout. We got a great deal from Insta tours and travel.


It was great experience visiting at world’s largest aquarium, the Dubai Aquarium. Best part was the walkthrough tunnel and snorkeling cage. Insta tours and travel  gave us the best deal.


The trip of the Dubai Aquarium, the tunnel, and the underwater zoo is just eye-soothing, impressive, and spectacular in every aspect. Just go and enjoy everything out there.


Took my family here and everything turned out to be fun and amazing at the end.


Amazing Experience. With over 30,000 fish of different species, you will have a once in a lifetime experience. You can experience an underwater tunnel walk, a boat ride, water zoo, where you can see all the fish up close.


Great place to visit, especially if you have kids with you! We had a lot of fun and saw some amazing sites. Make sure you visit the Crocs, seeing them up close is majestic. They are absolutely huge.


A dream transformed into reality. Bravo, bravo, bravo. It is an important tourist objective, you spend hours without getting tired, the effort to maintain the pool is enormous, the more you have to appreciate this objective. The admiration of the aquarium from the outside is free, to spend an hour or two relaxing.


It was wonderful place... lots of fish... fish tunnel was extremely awesome... underground water zoo was amazing one... we enjoyed a lot... so many photo point are there.


I’ve been to some really impressive aquariums. This is not one of those, but for a mall attraction, it’s pretty good. Well maintained and clean. Helpful staff.


Big wow factor! A must visit attraction for young and old. Includes some fun interaction with the animals who are well taken care of. Dont miss the massive crocodile!

blaise amunazale

It’s great. I spent 4 hours here and didn’t get tired at all. There’s so much to watch and do. Must recommend to everyone.


I love all the sea creatures they have! The big tank tunnel is amazing. I learned so much on the Behind the Scenes tour. The boat trip on top of the aquarium gives you a wonderful view of the sea life in the aquarium. The employees are friendly and knowledgeable.


Awesome place to visit. I stayed and enjoyed myself on the ground floor for a while taking pictures before exiting to go rest of the aquarium in the 3rd floor. You can check out shark and crocodile feeding. You can even touch baby sharks for free. It's a fun and unique experience. Thanks to Insta Tours and Travel. 


We visited the aquarium. We really enjoyed it. They have a great range of animals and fish. My daughter who is 9 years old found it very educational. One of the best aquarium in the world must see while in Dubai. There are more than 3000 species of fish in there. Am very happy that I have witnessed it myself and booked through Intsa Tours and Travel. The place itself is out of this world it is very calming and breathtaking. In Dubai Mall with spectacular largest glass facade to view. The world's biggest. Worth a visit if your at the Mall. May not go specifically as many other aquarium around the world that are similar.


Great trip out. Excellent variety of animals, not just fish! Big croc, some owls and various other animals reflecting the local wildlife.
The tunnel aquarium is awe inspiring, seeing massive rays and a wide range of fish literally swimming next to you.


Its a wonderful place to visit, they have close to 22000 fishes and 85 species. The guides are very informative, and you can see almost every fish up and close. Children and adults will enjoy it alike. A must visit if you are in Dubai. Take time to explore the place keeping about 3 hours in hand.


one of the largest suspended aquariums in the world. Must visit place in Dubai with your family ,especial with small kids . you can book tickets online for better price, We purchased our tickets through Insta Tours and Travel. On the ground floor is the first experience at the Dubai Aquarium, the long aquarium tunnel which provides fantastic views. Underwater Zoo are located in upstairs.


Fantastic place, I took my wife there during our honeymoon and we really enjoyed going through the pro ess of raising new born fishes and feeding the rest. The zoo as well was very nice dough my wife was a it scared but everything was fantastic... Highly recommended from Insta Tours and Travel. 


A very beautiful and serene place as you can notice there would be a large number of fishes (and by large number I do mean a lot), each one being of different colour or different shape. What makes it even enthralling is that it is made in 2 floors so the fish actually swim above you. 


Dubai acquarium is worth watching once. Except for the fact that one can have a closer look at marine life, walking through the tunnel do not offer anything spectacular. However underwater zoo is quite amazing and entertaining to kids and adults.


It like all aquariums. It is well kept. The nice thing was the educational part.


One of the most astonishing aquariums in the world. There are more than 300 sharks in the large aquarium tank with thousands of other fish. I really recommend the explorer tour which will show you how the aquarium works behind the stage. It is a great fun for kids as well as for adults.


Most beautiful things to see in Dubai Its really amazing experience Lots of colorful see animals. Sharks are amazing and thousands of colorful see animals. You can enjoy it so much.They have made a beautiful sea inside the Dubai Mall.


So amazing! Upgrade for the full experience with boat ride and underwater zoo, every time I thought it was over something new appeared. Really cool thing to do while in Dubai!


Just loved it! With kids or no kids you will have a blast.  The staff very friendly.


The mysterious and beautiful aquarium in the Atlantis hotel is a must visit, not only for its uniqueness and ambience but also for its attention to detail and its huge marine life. The whole expeience leaves one asking for more, even after spending hours exploring it. From touching star fish and crabs to seeing the submerged 'throne room' and eerie artifacts of an ancient and mysterious civilization.


It is where you see the sharks swimming right beside the other normal fished and the sting ray passing between them all floating in peace such an amazing breath taking view and when you enter the pipes inside and walk under the sharks is a totally new experience


Not as expected. I think the aquarium is not that much good, but the Underwater zoo was very good. I liked the underwater zoo.


Nice place, my 8 year and 10 year old kids both enjoyed it.


Amazing time here, the aquarium itself is pretty small but the tours and fish feeding, boat rides etc make it really unique and special. The zoo section was cool aswell with wider animal groups to see other than fish.


The aquarium tunnel was a short experience but very enjoyable. The underwater zoo was very good. Really enjoyed seeing all the fish and animal from seahorses to penguins and water rats, all the animals were amazing. 


Amazing! I couldn’t believe I could see so many species of water animals in a mall!! Great place to reconnect with nature.


We loved it in, located in Dubai mall at the ground floor
Much variable creatures and fancy look
Kids love it
You can go inside too!!


It was awesome experience. We had booked the ticket online with Insta Tours and Travel.  Worth the money spent!


It's a lovely place with a great view of the aquarium. Perfect place to bring kids and family. Very friendly staff. You get to meet a lot of people. You get to snap pictures and meet people


It is fun and lovely. It is another tourist or get away for a family, friends etc. You can be relaxed through seeing all the fishes or all sea creatures. It is highly recommended to visit and experience it.


In the start u might feel not the excitement but peeps don't leave just what i and my partner did "let's do it!" . Go on n on n explore. U'll like it a lot. The more u ll explore u ll end up with amazing experience.


Beautiful aquarium inside and outside. Worthy to see the underwater corridor with sharks, coloured corals, mantas rays and gorgeous fish, sometimes you can see them feeding! Also go to the second floor for the octopuses and rain forest animals. Really nice setting and guidance.


Take kids there first and then enjoy the greatest shopping experience or just stay at the aquarium all day... we had so much fun and it is so affordable to do with Insta Tours and Travel even with a large family and your day will fly by.


It is amazing to feel so close to the underwater creatures, i even feel that i can touch them.
The aquaruim is made of glass and i could see every thing very near like i am really swimming inside.
For any one who likes diving, they can dive and take a wonderfull photos. Very strange veiw when seeing divers are swimming beside sharks!!!
The Zoo is also big and fill of strange species of underwater creatures.
I was beleived that the jelly fish is just white color, but there i saw many more colors.

Blaise amunazale

I was amaze how huge the aquarium is. I wasn't expected that it will be that gigantic. The amount of different species of sea life is lot, food for the eye really. You can stare it for several minutes and you will not be bored, you will be just amazed, period. The amount of work to be able to achieve that is enormous, not to mention it is inside in a mall. What a thought. Recommend to see this even ones in your life.


A brilliant distration from shopping. Lots of variety, educational tours and suprises. The glass bottom boat tour is great fun, remember to buy some fish food.


A fabulous and educating experience. Loved the way we could literally walk through a marine area without getting wet. Something that is so unique about Dubai is the amount of versatile experiences it offers.


Dubai Aquarium & Under water zoo will keep you engaged for hours with its numerous marine wild life attractions. The aquarium houses sharks and other large marine species. Once you are done with the aquarium you can head to the zoo on level 2. You will be amazed by the number of species on display here including starfish which you can touch and penguins too. Cheers.

albert salama

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