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UAE- 7 siblings closely knit with an endowment of folklore

UAE- 7 siblings closely knit with an endowment of folklore

Date : 2019-08-31 12:49:00

The 7 sisters of UAE form a beautiful mosaic of diverse heritage. This can be clearly seen and learnt in their preserved forts and lavish mosques. UAE is a land of endless possibilities. Every emirate has its own character and charm for which it is a must-visit.

Sharjah is the UAE’s heritage and art hub while Abu Dhabi is shaping into an entertainment pivot. Ras Al-Khaimah is loaded with beautiful beaches and beach activities while Ajman is the future haven. This blog will guide you to create an effective itinerary for your visit to all the emirates of UAE. The entire region of UAE gets boiling in summers. So it is advised to visit in the months from November – March.

The emirates of UAE:

  1. Dubai- a creative city of artistically engineered structures


UAE is popularly but mistakenly known as Dubai. Many still today give other emirates a miss. Dubai is the most famous state or emirate of UAE. It rests with unbeatable futuristic vision paired with deep traditions. The skyline of Dubai defines this starry metropolitan hub. Dubai is well-known for shopping, entertainment attractions, beach and thrilling activities, record-breaking themed centres for kids and so much more. It often roars with luxury anthems. The Jumeirah Mosque is the most photographed mosque in Dubai. Dancing Fountains, Burj Khalifa, Burj al-Arab, The Dubai Mall, The Miracle Garden, IMG World of Adventures and Legoland are a few of the pit stops that Dubai offers.  From day safaris to vibrant nightlife, Dubai takes very good care of any visitor coming from any part of the world. Perfectly flavoured local food relishes you with its authentic taste giving a vibe of the unique Bedouin culture. Award-winning chefs from around the world await to serve you handpicked cuisines which will definitely; leave an imprint forever. A perfect network of local transportation and international flights makes this city contagious to visit. 

  1. Abu Dhabi- beautifully nested with Arabic culture, wildlife, endless deserts and modern architecture

Abu Dhabi

We often look down upon Abu Dhabi as a travel destination as Dubai takes away all the limelight. But little we all know that this capital city is already attracting lots of visitors. Enriched with luxurious resorts, divine escapes, dense mangroves and aesthetic museums, Abu Dhabi has a class edge to its identity. A one and a half-hour drive from Dubai, Abu Dhabi gives you a divine welcome with its Grand Sheikh Zayed Mosque. Your welcome will leave you awe-struck with the beauty and craftsmanship of the Mosque. A stroll along the Corniche will give you a panoramic view of the skyline of Abu Dhabi. The pristine Emirates Palace is one of the world most expensive hotels and you don’t have to rent their suites to experience the perfect artistic workmanship. Heritage Village in Abu Dhabi showcases the pre-oil era with the authentic taste of Bedouin culture. The award-winning Sheikh Zayed Bridge evokes the sand dunes of Abu Dhabi while the Ferrari roller-coster gives you the realism of speed. Unlike Dubai, Abu Dhabi is more peaceful with enormous activities on the beach and endless opportunities for shopping, picnics, barbeques and exploring art and culture.


  1. Sharjah- the most culture-centric emirate


Sharjah is conservative for customs and traditions. We expect one to dress modestly and if you can survive without beer for 2-3 days, then Sharjah is a plethora of heritage. This emirate has a subtle inclination. UNESCO has declared Sharjah as the Cultural capital of the Arab world. They promoted it to the Capital of Islamic Culture later on. Many travellers get demotivated by its dry culture. But it has way more to offer. Sharjah has the best museums and arts centre in the UAE. Sharjah Heritage Area and Mleiha Archeological site are the best examples of heritage restoration. A drive by a rental or shuttle service from Dubai is a good option to reach Sharjah. A major advantage to this emirate is it's proximity to Dubai as it is half an hour drive. Sharjah is well networked with taxis, local buses and rental cars. An array of cannons welcome visitors at the spectacular Sharjah Fort while your kids can have a fun time at Al Qasba. The Rain Room in Sharjah is a wonder in the desert where you can escape almost every drop of water while walking under it.  And if you get amused by calligraphy, you shouldn’t miss the Sharjah Calligraphy Museum and EL Seed Calligraffiti.

  1. Ajman- the tiniest of the emirate with the shiniest of oysters


Most visitors flock to Ajman to take a break from the hustle and bustle of metropolitan cities. The smallest of all emirates, Ajman is truly synonymous with its prime trade- pearl diving. Locals here are in no hurry to excel and are happy with whatever they have. The shoreline of Ajman comprises luxurious resorts and options for beach relaxation and beach activities. Ajman has huge shopping centres to attract tourists. And it is growing. Beaches of Ajman are the cleanest of the lot in UAE.  Along with that, Ajman Fort, Mowaihat Archeological site, Ajman Museum, Etisalat Tower, Dhow Building Yard of Ajman and Sheikh Zayed Mosque are some halts which would attract you to the slow-paced emirate. But your visit is incomplete without pearl diving sessions. Discovering natural pearls from fresh oysters will make your visit great and worth realizing its earlier trade. A 40 min drive from Dubai will make you reach Ajman and the local transport within the city is well connected.


  1. Umm Al-Quwain- an unusual sibling

 Umm Al-Quwain

Umm al-Quwain is distinctive to its sibling Dubai or Abu Dhabi. This tiny emirate rests with lagoons those are greener than green. Unlike other cosmopolitan neighbours, with no mega malls or sparkling nightlife, this emirate has a handful of well-maintained resorts. Transversely, Al-Sinniyah Island is loaded with mangroves accompanied by migratory birds, flamingos and gulls. The entire view of Umm Al-Quwain is low key as no natural deposits exist here.  Open deserts, isolated beaches and low height buildings give you a much-needed breather from the razzmatazz of the busy cities. Umm AL-Quwain hosts one of the best spas of the region. There are signs of development but this half-hour drive from Dubai will give you a good snap from the buzz. Your eyeballs will roll over homes made from old bricks, ragged cafes with average interiors. This will give you an intrinsic feel of the area. Umm Al-Quwain is an upcoming destination for extreme sports with Motor Racing and Aero Clubs having their centres here. It is routine to hear racing cars vrooming the road or people screaming from the plane while skydiving.

  1. Ras Al-Khaimah- an emirate that surprises with scenic wonders

 Ras Al-Khaimah

The rustic Hajar mountains guard the most scenic emirate of UAE- Ras al-Khaimah. Early morning set out on the gulf roads from Dubai is the best way to enjoy and live the warm Arabian sands paired with beautiful sandy beaches. It fills the azure patch with high energy beach activities, giving you all the space you need for yourself. Your dreamy journey to Ras al-Khaimah under the galaxy of stars surrounded by Jebel Jais mountains will leave you awestruck.  The sun-baked deserts accompanied by desert activities are a must-to-go for. The pinnacle of development in Ras al-Khaimah is the longest zipline in the world built on Jebel Jais mountains. The Bedouin camps in the deserts of Ras al-Khaimah will be a wonderful experience with Arabian music and rich and authentic Arabic food. Evenings have views of families going for walks, joggers parks filled with fitness freaks, the corniche well lit with life.


  1. Fujairah- an idyllic emirate for snorkelling and scuba diving


Fujairah is a blessed grid of archaeological sites, history, culture, mountain ranges and a magnetic coastline. Fujairah is quite conservative and so they expect your dress code to be modest. If you can survive without alcohol for 2-3 days, then this place is bound to give you a time to remember. They prohibit alcohol drinking in public. This emirate has a raw beauty of pristine beaches and rugged mountains. Ain Al-Gamura, Ain Al-Madhab and Al- Bidyah are the main tourist attractions. Grand Mosque, Fujairah Fort, Fujairah Museum and Fujairah Heritage Village give you the bonafide of its culture and traditions. Snoopy Island and Dibba are favourite attractions for marine life explorers. Travellers or visitors who love to hit the road, a road trip to Hajar mountains is a must that will unwind you to contentment. A 2-hour drive from Dubai, Fujairah is an emirate of leisure and scenic beauty for those not in a rush.


UAE is a wondrous collection of chunks that have their own unique identity. Your itinerary for all the states will be an experience to remember for a lifetime.

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