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10 Outdoor Places to Visit in UAE

10 Outdoor Places to Visit in UAE

Date : 2022-06-24 11:56:00

Come out from your comfort zone and see the horizons the UAE has touched. The country leaves no option unturned for travellers to create lifetime memories. Along with visiting the best places, embark on some thrilling adventures. Summarizing everything for you in a decent manner, we shall apprise you of all the UAE sightseeing tours for a perfect destination along with a vacation.

1) Moreeb Dune, Abu Dhabi


When it comes to discovering the natural landscape with different activities, Moreeb Dune should be a place to visit in UAE. Being widely acclaimed for the world's tallest dunes and largest hills, there is a wide space for visitors to be creative. The dune is also famous for organising drag races competition. It is a well-deserving site for UAE tourism.

Owing to its steep slope, the hills are also referred to as scary mountains. The site also hosts hill-climbing competitions. Luxurious rides will make you experience a thrilling Arabian adventure in the desert, and you will feel as if you are in an open playground for various adventures. At last, wear fine quality shoes, take up the challenge and climb up.

Location: Liwa, Empty Quarter Desert, Abu Dhabi, UAE.


• Quad biking
• Dune bashing
• Camping
• Desert safari
• Sandboarding
• Horseback riding
• Camel Racing

2) Jebel Hafeet


Situated in the city of Al Ain, the place must be a part of UAE holiday packages. To reach the top of the third highest peak in Abu Dhabi, you can paddle down, use a bike, or even go on foot. Being at the top of the hill, you can witness the Oman border and the beauty of Al-Ain.

Enjoy hiking and reach the top to have a fascinating view. Even the beginners can have maximum fun. While visiting this place, you should come prepared with the sturdiest boots, hiking poles, and refreshments.

To stay away from the heat of the day, the visitors must plan their trip either in the early morning or the evening as the place is very hot during the day. Say anything, but your UAE tour package is incomplete without discovering this mountain.

Location: Tawam region, Al-Ain, UAE


• Camping
• Hiking
• Road Trips
• Cycling

3) Al Qudra Lakes


Amidst the Saih Al Salam Desert, the unique attraction to visit in the UAE is Love Lake Dubai. It is a human-created lake in the shape of a heart that offers a pleasant place for the love birds. The wildlife sanctuary is another force which draws your attention towards various adventure activities. Around the lake, a cycling track is another attraction which you can enjoy on a cycle or a motorcycle. Including this place in your UAE tourism will be like a dream come true.

Having a long stroll, watching a colourful fish, and taking snaps of natural beauty will boost your mood. It is a perfect spot for a family picnic.

Location: 30 minutes outside Dubai, UAE.


• Cycling
• Camping
• Barbecuing
• Sightseeing

4) Dubai Mariana


Designed along a 3 km stretch of the Persian Gulf shoreline, Dubai Mariana is a worth-seeing place. Relish the flavours of dinner on the beach next to the sea or pay a visit to a bar in a hotel for an incredible view across the Gulf and the artificial Palm Island. Along with this, one can have glimpses of a famous Atlantis Hotel. There must be an inclusion of this place in all the tours in UAE.

One of the best shopping malls of Dubai is also a part of it. The nightlife of Dubai Mariana is beyond the imagination of a tourist. Those interested in water activities would find the best opportunity to quench their thirst. Don't wait and get ready to head towards this fascinating site.

Location: Marina Beach, Dubai, UAE.


• Speed boating
• Fly fishing
• Wakeboarding
• Parasailing
• Flyboarding
• Jet skiing
• Water skiing

5) Dibba Rock


Located in the city of Fujairah, Dibba Rock is the most attractive place which tourists must not miss while covering UAE tourism. The underwater plantation habitating turtles present a marvellous scene. Divers will find it a natural place for diving activities.

Apart from turtles, many species of fish are also found here. The unique jawfish with huge heads and large eyes will also be the main attraction.

Some turtles may appear sleepy, so it is always recommended not to disturb them as they get frightened easily. It is quite simple to navigate the beauty of this little paradise.

Location: Fujairah, UAE.


• Sea Safari
• Snorkelling
• Scuba diving

6) Hatta Dome Park


A visit to UAE is incomplete without exploring this picturesque camping destination. The site must not be ignored while planning the UAE tour package. Comprising 15 dome-shaped luxury tents, the park offers a spectacular view of the Al-Hajar Mountains. Travellers have a choice to opt for a wide range of activities and sink in the serenity of the surroundings.

The tents in the park are identical and fully equipped with the facilities like TV, wifi and a mini-fridge. In addition to this, there is also a provision for a private BBQ and fire pit. In short, it is a perfect place for comfort and a picnic.

Location: Dubai, UAE.


• Kayaking
• Mountain biking
• Hiking
• Zorbing
• Horse riding
• Pedal Boats
• Archery
• Axe throwing
• Net walkway
• Paragliding
• Ziplining

7) Wadi Shawka


Settled in the Al-Hajar mountains of Ras Al Khaimah, the beauty of this place lies in the landscapes. Accommodating this excellent site in your UAE holiday packages will be a pleasure for you. The Wadi is very close to one of the most stunning Dams of the UAE- Shawka Dam. Capture amazing shots of Wadi and share your blissful moments with your friends.

Discover the mountainside with your near and dear ones and experience numerous activities. It is suggested that the visitors should opt for the winter season to have the fragrance of larger pools of water. It is sure that you will never forget the incredible landscapes.

Location: Shawka, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE.


• Hiking
• Canyoning
• Trekking
• Cycling
• Camping
• Mountain Bike
• Climbing

8) Jebel Jais


Standing at the top of the tallest mountain in the UAE is altogether a different horizon for every visitor. Among the UAE sightseeing tours, Jabel Jais occupies the top place. The view will be breathtaking, and the journey of the longest zipline will thrill you through and through. The Jais sky tour will offer you a panoramic view of the sky-piercing Al Hajar Mountains.

The best thing about this place is that the weather is always pleasant. So, tourists and foreigners can participate in different activities without bothering anything. If you desire to stay away from your life's daily routine and monotonous schedule, a day at Jebel Jais Ras Al Khaimah would be the most acceptable alternative. So, it must be added to the tours in UAE.

Location: Ras Al Khaimah, UAE


• Ziplining
• Hiking
• Camping
• Cycling
• Trekking
• Ice Skating

9) Masfout, Ajman


Perched on the outskirts of the UAE, Masfout is an enclave covered by the Hajar Mountains. Since the site is on a higher level, one can feel a pollution-free atmosphere. The rocky landscape is a fascinating place for various adventures and natural views. It is an excellent place for a picnic as well. Do not forget to make it a part of your UAE tourism.

Masfout has emerged to be a holiday destination due to its peaceful environment, moderate temperatures, and scenic views of the mountains. If you advance towards the north, you will come across a 19th-century structure titled Masfout Castle. Hatta and Al Wajajah are also in its vicinity.

Location: Near Hatta, almost 90 minutes away from the centre of Ajman


• Mountain biking
• Hiking
• Sightseeing
• Trekking

10) Al Qasba


Situated close to Al Khan corniche street, Al Qasba is a popular tourist attraction. Be sure to include it in your UAE tour package. Like Dubai Mariana, it is also a waterfront town. Before heading towards the Montazah water theme park, you will find Ferris wheel standing along the waterway.

The site illuminates and spreads its glory at night in all the corners. From art houses to theatres to different rides, it is a complete entertainment package. The option of sailing a boat on your own is also available. A track along the bank is there for byky carts. Many restaurants, dining places, and retail outlets add to the dignity of this place.

Location: Sharjah, UAE


• Biking
• Boating
• Sightseeing

The only difference between the dream and reality is the opportunity which you can meet through our UAE holiday packages.



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