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Best Tourist Attractions in France

Best Tourist Attractions in France

Date : 2022-07-04 12:14:00

From exploring European culture to tasting wine to enjoying the nightlife, France is a perfect destination to create memories for a lifetime. Paris, commonly called the city of Love, is without a doubt a top-rated place for every traveller to visit. Even the language of free-spirited people wins laurels from tourists from different parts of the world. For having a taste of multi-culture, advance towards the oldest city, Marseille, while making the most out of your France tourism getaway. Those who are fond of enjoying the flavours of different cuisines, seeing architectural wonders and experiencing lively culture must not miss Lyon.

When it comes to ticking off some of the main attractions of the land, the list goes endless. Starting with an eye on one of the great wonders, the Eiffel Tower, followed by admiring the beauty of artworks and collection of the Louvre Museum, and then spending an amazing night at Palais Garnier Opera House, so leave nothing!

For honeymoon with a luxurious style, the French Riviera would lead in comparison to all. Couples can also explore the famous island of Axe or head out to Etretat cliffs for a beautiful sunset view with France holiday packages.

Wherever you may be in France, your desire to travel will be satisfied with the recommended charming attractions. Scroll up and see what the land of love and happiness has all for you!

1) Eiffel Tower

Crowning right in the middle of Paris, Eiffel Tower occupies a place among the Seven Wonders of the World. Being popular by the nickname of "Iron Lady", the beauty of this site will be a worthwhile memory that will last for a lifetime. Dine at any restaurant or cafe or enjoy drinks in bars with numerous entertaining options on the first and second floors in this modern-day architectural wonder through your France tour package. At the summit of the Tower, a panoramic view of the cityscape with the backdrop of a blue sky is a pleasing sight to behold. The elegance goes beyond boundaries with the night show and many famous events that take place all around as the night goes down.

2) Louvre Museum

Nestled in the Louvre Palace by the river Seine, the Louvre is the most iconic museum in the world. Depicting the history of more than three centuries of western civilization, it is a very stunning art structure. The fascinating art in the museum is Leonardo da Vinci's masterpiece Monalisa which should not be missed while enjoying the France sightseeing tours. Besides this, a traveller must have a look at the pieces of Michelangelo's Dying Slave, Law Code of Hammurabi, Botticelli's Venus with Three Graces, and Eugene Delacroix's Liberty Leading the People. Another attraction is the royal pyramid entrance to the museum. Many exhibitions and functions add charm to this worth-visiting site.

3) Notre Dame Cathedral

Among all the dimensions in the world, Notre Dame Cathedral is a unique example of French Gothic architecture. The site is famed for beautiful sculptures and amazing glass windows. It houses many artefacts and historical ruins of the medieval era- the Crown of Thorns, a part of the True Cross and one of the Holy Nails. Have an incredible view of the city of Paris through the France city tour. The top of the South Tower holds the largest bell named Emanuel. Events such as the Choir of the Church in 1669, the Cult of Reason during the French Revolution, and many more are also shown in the Cathedral. In the evening, the illumination of candles enhances the spiritual sense.

4) Palace of Versailles

As a popular spot in France, this Royal Palace attracts travellers from all parts of the world. The Hall of Mirrors and beautiful gardens are something which take this castle to the height of the infinite horizon. Not only this, it also boasts of King's Grand Apartments, Museum of the History of France, the Château de Versailles, and musical fountain, including the exceptional Grand Trianon. Your tours in France should encompass all the scenic beauty of the mystical land of dreams. Featuring orange trees on the grounds fixes in a visitor's eyes like a showcase. La Galerie des Batailles is a gallery depicting the success of the French military. When all such creative and informative things are found in one Palace, then leaving France without beholding sight of the lavish complex will not be a good idea.

5) Disneyland

Whenever the world of fantasy and entertainment comes to your mind, keep everything aside and say yes to Disneyland with France tourism. All hesitation goes away with the name of this place in France, which casts a spell on the visitors by its theme parks, resorts, shopping complexes, etc. The Walt Disney studio within site offers movie based rides, with scenes of successful movies behind them. With several rides in its basket, Pirates of Caribbeans have become the most successful one. Every night, a laser show on World Showcase engages the visitors' eyes. Along with this, Reflections on the Earth and a firework can't be missed. Both for adults as well as kids, it serves as a captivating kingdom.

6) Porte Cailhau

To celebrate the victory of King Charles VIII over the Italians, it is a decorative fort palace situated near the Garonne River. It also acts as a defensive gate of the city. Your France holiday packages must not drop this place from the list. The visitors can have magnificent views of the Pont de Pierre, Garonne and Bordeaux city from the top floor. The gate has architectural significance as it comprises both Gothic and Renaissance qualities. It is in front of Place du Palais and occupies many ornamental sculptures and towers. On the first floor, there is an exhibition which depicts the history as well as the ancient craft of stone masonry.

7) La Cité du Vin

If you want to study the wine Bordeaux culture, this is the place which you must add to your France tour package. Being a totally different from the other places you have ever visited, this place holds a top position while touring Bordeaux. For wine lovers, it's a highly sophisticated museum explaining the history of wine, and where and how it's prepared around the world. To understand the entire process, you will have to )devote sufficient time to watch an audiovisual show. The dazzling architecture of this building while enjoying a glass of wine at the belvedere bar would mean that you have reached the climax of your tour. In addition to this, the lovely view of Bordeaux and the Garonne will add to your pleasure and fun.

8) Parc Borely

Anyone heading towards the South of France should make a stop at this beautiful garden while relishing France sightseeing tours. Comprising three different gardens- English Garden, a French garden, and a botanical garden, it has gained immense recognition. It also houses various sculptures, monuments and museums such as the Borely Castle. The splendour of this place has surpassed all other gardens in the world. Hiring bikes and paddling across the green grass or pathways will be an exciting life experience. Travellers can also practice martial arts or play football. If you are fond of reading books, sit by the lake. How can you stop exploring when horse track and golf club are available next door. Swimmers can head to a sandy beach and feel the cool light breeze. Every dream of your tours in France will come true by stepping into this remarkable garden.

9) Place du Capitole

While having your break in the space capital of France, Toulouse, you can't go away without spending a good time at the main square before the city hall. It appears as if this majestic pink-tinted palace has never turned older. Walking around the Capitole will give you the glimpses of building's renaissance donjon. Surrounded by sidewalk cafes, it is also home to a neoclassical masterpiece. Undoubtedly, it is a perfect place for Turkey tourism. Within this impressive architecture, you can gaze at the frescoes on the ceiling of the Salle des Illustres, find historical rooms, and see pleasing images in the Salle Gervais. Whether from the inside or outside, it is awe-inspiring and incredible. After a long tour, you can refreshen yourself with a drink or bite at any nearby restaurant. Most of the restaurants have large outdoor terraces, which are splendid for enjoying the amazing French sun.

Only by pushing the limits you discover new dimensions. So, don't hesitate, make your way to France and experience the fantastic holiday destination through France holiday packages.

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