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Amazing things to do in Dubai

Amazing things to do in Dubai

Date : 2019-08-23 11:33:00


Dubai- where one would fall short of the high-end grammar as high-end as the city itself. Just imagine visiting that chunk of the earth where world record-breaking or making norms is religion and where savouries topped with gold personify luxury.

Welcome to Dubai! A middle east gem that gets lustrous with every dawn and bedazzles spanking new every night. The rising skyline from the middle-east deserts to blooming colourful flower theme gardens to ski adventures to record-holding indoor aquariums to finely curated luxury stays- Dubai offers you larger-than-life experiences.

I am super excited to walk you through the best pit stops of Dubai with my Amazing things to do in Dubai list. I hope this blog makes you kick your bucket list, pack your bags and head to the land of wow’s.

Let's get you rolling….

  1. Burj Khalifa- The most prestigious address in the world

Burj Khalifa, Dubai

Burj Khalifa spoils all your senses as it towers to the highest pinnacle in the world. This record-making (or breaking, whatever suits you) structure soars to 2717 ft. Burj Khalifa embeds residential suites, offices, Armani residencies and houses the worlds highest restaurant. At 122nd floor and 148th floor, Burj Khalifa welcomes you to the Observation Deck and At The Topdeck. The highest level of engineering has gone into erecting Burj Khalifa.

After the lavish welcome, this deck opens its arms for you to view the surrounding spikes. World-celebrities, sports person and business magnets have their bases at Burj Khalifa. The moment you head towards the lift (they hold the world record for lifts too) that swooshes you to the Observation deck, you will pass the versions of the construction journey of this magnificent building.

Burj Khalifa holds 15 World Records...

At night, Burj Khalifa is an enchantress. At the Top is the highest observation deck in the world. Clear weather in the daytime is a bonus as borders of Iran can be visually reached. The Armani/Prive nightclub at Burj Khalifa is not only contagious but a record holder too for the best reasons in all seasons.  

At the 125th floor, VR experience welcomes you with The Falcon Eye that gives a falcon's eye view from the top of the top (why falcon?). The external cleaning of the tower takes 3 months to complete. And fasting during Ramadan is 6 minutes more for residents above the 121st floor as the sun ball dips late for the great height of Burj Khalifa. 

At.mosphere is a dream restaurant (and the world’s highest) at this tower with world-class cuisines. The fantastical display of fireworks is a sight to behold on New Year’s Eve. The luxuries at Burj Khalifa are just next level for its residents to relish and live. You can find fountains dancing to Arabic tunes just beside Burj Khalifa and spend hours admiring this cynical engineering fantasy.  

Burj Khalifa is an architecturally engineered wonder…

Tipsy Bitsy

  • You can book tickets online for the Observation Deck to avoid last-minute hassles or burns in your pocket
  • Check the weather before booking your tickets for crisp breathtaking views
  • Evening ques are longer. Online booking is speedy and easy
  • Treat yourself at the worlds highest restaurants and bars
  • Dress up formally to dine at Burj Khalifa
  • Keep a close check as timings keep changing

Hop Around

Just steps away is the Dubai Opera. Imagine getting married at Dubai Opera and your initials illuminated on the exterior the Dubai Opera? So Pristine and blissful!!! I know by now you don’t want to leave the Burj premises but; you are supercurious to know more to Dubai. You can leave your footprints on the trails of Burj Park by Emaar just next to Burj Khalifa. Why not cut through the Dubai Lake waters in a lake ride? I am sure you will enjoy the ride.

Two man-made islands are about to raise their heads, one each beside the Burj Khalifa...

So don’t just read. GO……..

  1. The Dubai Mall- Where your pockets and shopping bags dance…

The Dubai Mall, Dubai

As you move out of Burj Khalifa, a few steps away is a shopper's paradise- The Dubai Mall. Claiming to be the worlds largest shopping mall, The Dubai Mall envelops superfluous brands, an ice skating rink, a 26 screen multiplex cinema, the giant ‘Dubai Dino’ and super themed parks. While you are busy coddling your self with shopping, there is a lot to keep your loved ones at bay.  

Dubai Dino is the most original dinosaur skeleton finding, nearly 90% of its bones are original ageing 150 million years….

The aquarium houses 33,000 aquatic animals with the world largest collection of sand tigers. The experience will give you an up, close and personal peek-a-boo into their habitat. Can you imagine a mall having such a detailed iconic attraction? This is what The Dubai Mall is all about. It offers a plethora of 1300 world-renowned designer fashion brigades and extravagant accessories waiting to welcome you. The Dubai Mall has luxury cubes to add a personalized touch to your picks. It holds the first Bloomingdale’s store outside the US.  The Dubai Mall hosts an array of restaurants to feed your hunger bugs.

Dubai loves children and so The Dubai Mall offers award-winning ‘Kidszania’. This edutainment concept offers endless role-playing activities and exploring different career paths for ages 4 to 16. The Sega Republic and Hysteria Haunted Attraction are the other 2 theme parks in The Dubai Mall to keep the excitement going. And if not enough, VR Park at The Dubai Mall awaits you.

Now, you make your way to the Dubai Mall Gold Souk. Again, it’s the world’s largest indoor gold souk (you will come across repetitive words like a world record holder, worlds largest in this blog. Because we are talking about Dubai). Ornated in Arabesque sitting, The Dubai Mall Gold Souk rolls out 220 outlets of this yellow metal. Beautifully awe-spiring interiors dotted with statues of camels, horses and palm trees provide many picturesque views and clicks. Feeling hungry for gold???

Close to the ice rink, you can find the Dubai waterfall which is the most recognized attraction of The Dubai Mall. They bound this beautiful piece of-the-art installation to give you good clicks. And now its ‘Shoe  Time’. At The Dubai Mall, ‘Level Shoes’ is the worlds largest shoe store with over 40 boutiques of classy fashion and vibrant hip style for your feet. Have a luxury experience while foot shopping with feet therapy, shoe restoration and personalized designing. Your shopping experience at The Dubai Mall will be more of a museum than a mall as pieces of art on display which result from fine creativity.         

They design the Dubai Mall Apple Store to give breathtaking views of Burj Khalifa and Dubai Fountain…

Tipsy Bitsy

  • Book online tickets in advance to have a smooth experience.
  • Respect dress code in the mall. Cover your shoulders and knees.
  • During Ramadaan, eateries will function at sunset. Hungry? Head to the curtain-off food court at Level 2.
  • Plan your visit during Dubai Shopping Festival to celebrate shopping.
  • Download the Dubai Mall app and upload your shopping bags easily.

3. Burj al-Arab- Here all that glitters is ‘Gold’….

Burj al-Arab, Dubai

The degree of uber-luxury and personalized service unapologetically stands to spoil you at Burj al-Arab. This hotel has won many accolades and still counting. This world-class hotel sits on a man-made island and one can not expect fully how royal living can be. Burj al-Arab houses 201 suites from 10,000 AED to a staggering 70,000 AED, nailing it luxuriously. Its suites are very famous for providing a panoramic view of the Arabian Gulf. The famous Al Mahara restaurant at Burj al-Arab serves super tempting sea-food at sizzling price tags.

They make each bedding of the suite up of abandoned nests of Eider ducks with a varied menu of pillows…

With its extraordinary sail-shaped silhouette this hotel has placed Dubai on the super-luxury tourism landscape. It boasts about the largest fleet of chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royce for its guests. The moment you enter and are face to face with the reception desk, you enter a world of wonders. From designer floorings to only designed carets, from choreographed fountains to multicoloured atrium and silk wallpapers, Burj al-Arab is a sight to behold.

Burj al-Arab provides a dedicated butler to each guest staying there.  While standing at the reception, raise your brows towards the atrium that is an architectural masterpiece with oceanic paintings. Burj al-Arab hosts 9 opulent restaurants and lounges.

Each suite provides an extravagant range of Hermes toiletries especially curated for Burj al-Arab guests...

The main floor of Burj al-Arab screeches out with killing interiors bejewelled with saffron and ultramarine coloured tiles giving every nook and corner a unique pattern. The list of unmatched superlatives at Burj al-Arab include gold interiors (those tall pillars are also gold), underwater restaurants and topmost rated bars, a celebrity-hosted helipad for transfers for guests, cuisines rolled out from seasoned chefs, a designated turtle hospital for the rehabilitation of species, etc…. I guess I need a breather now!!

You make your way to the Al-Mahara aquarium restaurant through a tunnel made of gold…

Tipsy Bitsy

  • You need to make a reservation to enter Burj al-Arab, the afternoon tea is a good option.
  • A bridge connects the hotel and the city. You can take a taxi to visit the hotel as the fleet of luxury is for the guests.
  • Make sure the sea is calm when you visit to catch ecstatic views.
  • The hotel has private beaches and pools. Make sure you follow navigations correctly so you don’t breach the privacy of the guest.
  • Reservations are mandatory to dine at Burj al-Arab (or to enter at least).

The largest Swarovski crystal ceiling in the world, mirroring the Milky Way, is at Junsui Restaurant, Burj al-Arab…

If you want to take a break from your super luxury experience at Burj al-Arab, hit the Bentley café just a stone’s throw away from this mini man-made island.

  1. Global Village- Realms of the big blue planet blend here…

The Global Village, Dubai

Visiting the Global Village seems like a never-ending carnival. This huge podium of peace, harmony and brotherhood claims to be the worlds largest entertainment destination with leisure and family entertainment for you. At Dubai Land, this massive village has children rides, family rides and thrilling rides to add zing to your visit.

Global Village brings together over 80 countries where buckles of cultural offerings, souvenirs and different cuisines invite its visitors. Global Village showcases a cosmopolitan fusion of Dubai City with 85% of its expats.

All basic facilities such as ATM’s, foreign exchange booths, banks, information kiosks are available for its visitors. Kids love global Village because of the popular fairground. This ever going carnival comprises amusements, fun games and theme parks. Try calligraphy art lessons at the Global Village or getting yourself a caricature portrait from brilliant artists.

Fantasy Island is a sure pit stop for your family. Kids will love em...

Its entrance is a well-chosen theme of Taj Mahal, India. The newly designed pavilion facades are impressively pretty. As soon as you enter, famous landmarks such as Eiffel Tower, Big Ben from London and Rome Colosseum welcome you. Ahead of your way, Petronas Towers head high to greet you. Keep track with the calendar of Global Village to catch with awe-struck street performances and shows.

Authentic recipes from all over the world topped with warm Beoudin smiles are available in abundance. Over 100 food kiosks are waiting for you to calm down your foodie senses.  I can bet on this not to give Global Village a miss where you can explore and experience the not-to-miss delights of different countries.

Fireworks at night celebrate global friendship..

Tipsy Bitsy

  • Global Village is open from November to April every year.
  • Plan your trip when the Dubai Shopping Festival is on.
  • Since the Global Village covers a huge area. With a pair of comfy shoes, your visit will be comfortable. You can take breathers on side benches.
  • Carry your water and shade yourself with a hat.
  • Wear decent clothing while visiting Global Village.
  • Monday is a Family Day at Global Village
  • Don’t forget to carry your kid's pram as these tiny tots will get tired soon.
  • The fireworks display is on Thursday and Friday
  • Visit online for timings and tickets bookings.
  1. Ski Dubai- Snow in the middle of a desert? Whhaaaatttttt

Ski Dubai, The Mall of Emirates, Dubai

Always expect the impossible when in Dubai. Being the only Ice Rink in the desert, Ski Dubai proudly sets at large in The Mall of Emirates (one of the largest shopping malls in the world, I told ya). Ski Dubai maintains a temperature between 2-degree Celsius and -1-degree Celsius. So it's freezing here. Quite an unexpected experience in the middle of a desert.

THEA Outstanding Achievement Award goes to SKi Dubai...

This mirage emerges over the Dubai sand dunes with a 100 m high mount, 80 m wide and two 400 m slopes at length in the form of an arch. Conceiving a concept of a ski resort in one of the most difficult climates is itself a miracle.  From the base itself, there are 4-seater chairlifts and a ski-lift both in a continuous trajectory.

Ski Dubai is the worlds second-largest indoor ski resort……

Another vertical from the base is the conveyer belt reaching the middle level with Ice Bar Restaurant beside you. This restaurant hangs in the middle of the ice strip on a gigantic hangar. The Avalanche Bar parts the mini ski station into 2 with separate routes and inclinations. At the foot of the slopes, penguins await to welcome you. 

At the base of the station, there is ticketing, renting and buying equipment facility. Don’t worry, once you are done, visit the nearby restaurants for a hot chocolate. And don’t forget to land on Big Air. Ski Dubai offers different activities one can enjoy in Dubai. Post your ski adventure, dedicate your time to hover around in one of the worlds largest shopping mall.

Penguin Show is the most beautiful sight of this icebox...

Tipsy Bitsy

  • Make sure you carry extra gloves and warmers like the ones rented won't be enough either for you or your kids.
  • Visitors might be less during Ramadaan and so are the bars closed.
  • For Penguin shows, shake your pocket.
  • They allow no photography as they have to tender their own clicks.
  • Take learner classes if you are a beginner.
  • You would love to have something warm to drink as it's too cold inside. Drop to hot chocolate at a nearby restaurant in the mall.
  • They do not permit kids below 2 years of age, food, drinks and smoking 
  • Check online for deals, offers and timings. Some times maintenance work is on so some activities/rides may be closed.
  1. Dubai Fountain- A radiantly musical water fantasy...

Dubai Fountain, Downtown Dubai, Dubai

Set in the middle of the giant Burj Khalifa Lake, Dubai Fountains leaves all eyes amazed, and all brows raised after every show. With the glitzy Burj Khalifa and The Dubai Mall as its elite abuts, Dubai Fountain sways its drops to Arabic music with a touch of western strings. 

Dubai Fountain is the worlds largest choreographed fountain

In the middle of a desert with scorching temperatures, Dubai Fountain breezes fresh to its visitors. The design of water nozzles is in a huge arch with circles completing its endpoints.

Burj Khalifa lake = A pair of football pitches

Illuminated with over 6000 lights and 50 coloured projectors, Dubai Fountain opened its eyes in May 2009. The fountains shoot water up to 50 storeys with powerful shooters and jet system. The water wiggles like a belly dancer and arcs like a dolphin to the tunes of the music.

The water robots sync with music and directions to display dance elegantly. The Dubai Fountain shows are visible from nearby pit stops and cakewalks too. High decibel speakers surround the lake to give an amazing experience of the fountain dance show.

Sail in an Abra in Burj Khalifa Lake while the show is on…

You can experience breathtaking views of the silent version of the fountain during lunch or brunch at one of the nearby restaurants. Popular tracks of Michael Jackson, Celine Dion, Korean pop band EXO and  Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman can be enjoyed. The WET super lights make the experience spectacular enough to leave a beautiful imprint to your mind.

Hop Around

  • Drop by at The Dubai Mall
  • Hit at Burj Khalifa
  • Binge at nearby restaurants while watching the fountain show
  • Downtown Dubai is has a handful of places to see nearby. 
  • Souk Al-Bahar

Tipsy Bitsy

  • The show is a free watch
  • Check out for timings for the show as they change especially during Ramadan.
  • Sometimes the fountains rise without music or light. This means maintenance is on.
  • Both day and night shows have their own unique beauty.
  • There are special points both at Burj Khalifa and The Dubai Mall to watch the spectacular show.
  1. Dubai Miracle Garden- Dreamy hues popping out of sand piles

Dubai Miracle Garden, Dubai

This attraction takes me to a fairytale ride. But imagine living the same in the middle of a desert?

Dubai Miracle Garden embraces visitors from November to May every year. This floral delight displays many themes, structures, figures and so much more all covered with flowers and plants. Sunflowers, Marigolds, Petunias and Geraniums come together to bring the scent to life. Famous landmarks of the world such as Eiffel Tower, giant bug, windmills, artistic faces, colourful umbrellas are some prominent attractions at DMG. But one prominent attraction is the world record holder Butterfly Garden.

Dubai Miracle Garden is the worlds largest natural flower garden…

Every year Dubai Miracle Garden closes its petals to refresh itself with different concepts and arches of flowers and plants. The highest vertical garden in the world (i.e. DMG) has over 45 million flowers who smile at you from different angles. The first bloom of Dubai Miracle Garden was on Valentine’s Day in 2013. 

To keep nature hydrated, they use drip irrigation method for water supply. Dubai Miracle Garden is away from Dubai city so you need to plan accordingly. A good number of restaurants, ice cream parlours await to serve you the best of food while in contact with nature. Castles structures beautifully display amazing patterns of colourful flowers.

A panoramic shot of the largest floral wall at DMG will be good for your travel diary…

Big and flowery teddy bear greets you with a huge heart full of love. Flower structures of the Disney World like Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck and many more await to see you (they are the latest additions to the garden).

Mickey Mouse at DMG is Guinness record holder for the tallest topiary sculpture globally…

All resting areas, restaurants, and counters are covered with floral blankets to refresh you.  Set in the heart of Dubai Land, the aerial view of Dubai Miracle Garden is enchanting. As you move ahead in the garden, you will appreciate the mind that has conceived this idea and then appreciate nature studies that have been invested to make the idea live.  Floral clocks ornated with efflorescent peacocks shower their onlookers with prosperity.

A 380 Airbus is the biggest flower structure in the world at DMG…

Visit the Butterfly Garden at DMG. It is the worlds largest and region’s first indoor butterfly garden and sanctuary. It stretches over 9 huge domes for butterflies of different shapes, sizes and colours. With over 15000 butterflies fluttering from 26 species, it would be a delightful experience for your tiny tots.

Dubai is not just a place of concrete and steel as nature has blessed this patch with all colours.

Tipsy Bitsy

  • The entry ticket to visit DMG is available at the counter and online.
  • Monitor online for timings and maintenance shutdowns.
  • They do not allow you to touch or pluck flowers.
  • Keep a good memory back up in your camera or phone as this place is full of picturesque wonders.
  • So wear comfy footwear and carry your hat with you.
  • There are plenty of artistic sitting and resting places in the garden.
  • Bus route no 105 or a cab ride will be your options to reach there.
  • DMG is a very easygoing attraction to visit as there are multiple conveniences for visitors such as parking, café’s, first aid rooms, restaurants.
  • There are a huge swinging sitting facility, hammocks to chill around.
  1. Al Fahidi District- Ethos of culture and traditional Dubai

Al- Fahidi District, Dubai

Formerly known as Al Bastakiya Quarter, Al-Fahidi District Is one of the finely restored heritage sites to learn and live the rich culture and tradition of old Dubai. Narrowly paved lanes avenues walled with rough stoned houses and quarters offer you to experience the essence of the historic period of the city. Away from the bustling Dubai, Al-Fahidi District is an ethnic breather to shun away the city buzz.

Prince Charles evaded the demolition of Al-Fahidi District leading to restoration…

The district houses boutique hotels, cafes and coffee museums, bookstores, traditional merchandise, souvenirs and lives artistic work and craftsmanship. The houses at Al-Fahidi District are capped with wind towers for natural cooling of homes. 

About 50 buildings host museums, exhibitions & art galleries…

The Arabian Tea House Café is designed under the old heritage and culture of Dubai localities. The Coffee Museum here has two floors. The ground floor offers a variety of coffee for its lovers. We can learn various methods of roasting and brewing coffee.  As you sway to the second floor, the history of coffee awaits to be explored through books.

Mawaheb Art Gallery is a gift to humanity…

Mawaheb is for the determined ones, artists with special needs. Above 16 adults develop and refine their skills at this art studio. Shaikh Mohammad Center or Cultural Understanding is one stop you must halt. This centre educates and empowers you with Islamic Understanding of religion, culture, customs and traditions.

Boutique hotels at Al-Fahidi District will make your stay historic…

Tipsy Bitsy

  • You can arrange your stay at Al-Fahidi if you need a break from the chaos
  • Weekly flea market awakens every Saturday. Best souvenirs are a big purchase here Good restaurants are available with traditional food
  • Cafes are usually open at flexible timings
  • Traditional merchandise is a good grab here
  • Various shops help you learn about the history of Old Dubai
  • There is a mosque inside the district to call out for prayers.
  • Dress up modestly while visiting or staying here.
  1. Legoland Dubai- All-rounder for kids

Legoland Dubai, Dubai

With over 40 new rides and 6 themed lands for Factory, Lego City, Miniland, Adventure, Kingdom and Imagination, the sole target of this theme park is complete entertainment for children.  Legoland Dubai is one of the most entertaining theme parks of Dubai Parks and Resorts in the outskirts of Dubai city. This family theme park is the first in the Middle-East and seventh in the world.

Over 20 million Lego bricks comprise Miniland at Legoland Dubai …

Miniland is the most attractive frame at Legoland. All world-famous structures are created here with Lego bricks giving a glimpse of the man-made marvels around the globe. Miniland structures are user-friendly, in action after user input. After every small strip of distance, structures, themes or human figures have been stalled to give the entire theme park a lego feel. You will find many food carts waiting to serve you sumptuous bites for you and your little ones. The Lego factory is the first watch for your kids as they will learn and experience how Lego bricks are made. Your little one might get a souvenir too.

Lego Bricks at Factory are in an array of colours giving your loved ones a good choice to pick…

Cafes, Restaurants are all Lego bricks theme-based making your experience radiant for your inner child. The Imagination Zone and Adventure Zone have both indoor and outdoor activities to keep your family busy.

Life-Sized giraffes are gazing at the Imagination Zone…

 Hit the Lego 4D studios for Lego movies and City stage for Ninjago Puppet show. Give your kids a delightful experience. This what Dubai is all about. Escort your kids to Kingdoms for rides and coaster thrills. Lots of learning and skill polishing are available for your kids at workshops and learning academies at Legoland Dubai. Submarine adventure, Lost Kingdom Adventure, Wave Racers and pharaohs revenge are some thrilling activities you and your kids will fall in love.

Tipsy Bitsy

  • Height restrictions imply at this attraction
  • In hot weather, you will limit only to water and indoor adventures. Opt for moderate weather when on a visit.
  • Check online for timings and ticket bookings.
  • Excellent baby care facility available if you need to keep your little ones in shade and busy while your teen clan enjoys rides.
  • The washroom facility includes a family toilet. Parents with multiple kids will have relief.
  • Some eateries also have building blocks area. 
  • Online advance booking can fetch you awesome deals.
  1. IMG World of Adventures- A must adrenaline check in your itinerary

IMG World of Adventures, Dubai

Like a wondrous comic strip mushrooming to life, the world’s largest indoor theme park is a thunderous drive into the arena of superheroes, dinosaurs and phantasms. Conceived by Emirati entrepreneurs Ilyas and Mustafa Galadari (IMG), the quadra zone park offers an enticing maze of rides and attractions ranging from gentle to savage. Superheroes rule the thrill-packed Marvel zone, where you can become part of a Thor vs Loki showdown on a lunch-losing top-spin ride, or help Spider-Man save New York on a spiralling roller coaster.

The pre-teen set can get in on the action in the Cartoon Network area by fighting an evil robot with the Powerpuff Girls or cheering on Ben 10 in a 5D cinema enhanced by smell and touch. Dinos rule the Lost Valley, a Jurassic land populated by dozens of fantastically detailed animatronic lizards and prowling specimens. Pose a selfie with them.  

IMG World of Adventures is the largest indoor temperature controlled entertainment destination in the world…

The stomach-churning ‘Velociraptor’, blasts you from the prehistoric jungle into the blinding Dubai sunlight and back. The park’s most popular attraction, though, is the walk-through ‘Haunted Hotel’, where live ghosts and zombies send shivers down your spine if you check-in. All zones of IMG Worlds of Adventures have enough restaurants to feed you and spa’s to relax you.

12 screen NOVO cinema complex is 7-star comfort offering dining and retailing options…

Tipsy Bitsy

  • This theme park is not for infants. So plan accordingly as pre-teens would love to explore independently.
  • The ques are long when the park is busy. Ramadaan deals are a good option.
  • The rides are closed for maintenance regularly. Try to hit them in the first half of the day.
  • Free shuttle service is available from major hotels. In order to avoid expensive cab rides, keep track of pick and drop.
  • Some rides and zones are really hearted thumping so not a place for faint-hearted.

By now you will be in a rush to fly off to the spectacular destination, Dubai.



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